AAMC FAQ About MD-PhD Programs and Careers

(2018) Is an MD/PhD program right for me? Advice on becoming a physician–scientist -- Dr. Lawrence Brass (Penn MSTP Director)
(2009) Three Crucial Questions When Applying to M.D.-Ph.D. Programs -- Dr. Lawrence Brass

(2019) The National MD-PhD program outcomes study -- Dr. Lawrence Brass and Dr. Myles Akabas (Eintein MSTP Director)

(2020) The Complete MD/PhD Applicant Guide -- Very thorough resource (200 pages) that discusses just about every aspect from deciding MD-PhD to filling out AMCAS to matriculation. It provides the perspectives of each author at many stages and their essays as examples. It should be freely accessible through your university. Written by MD-PhD students starting 2020: Jonathan Sussman (Penn), Jordan Setayesh (Michigan), Amitej Venapally (Emory).

(2020) A Comprehensive Guide to MD-PhD Admissions by Current Students -- Written by two current UVA MSTP Students with valuable anecdotal information. Opinions are the authors' and do not represent UVA or the program.

Secondary application questions from 25 schools (posted by an applicant from last cycle)


(2018) External funding opportunities for MD-PhD students Compiled by AAMC

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